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Work Opportunities Readiness Center, W.O.R.C., provides pre-employment services that empower participants to enter or re-enter the labor market. Workshops, support groups and networking, one-to-one personal or vocational counseling, job-seeking and job-keeping methods, leadership development, decision-making skills development, and assistance with developing an action plan are among the resources used to help participants build confidence, identify skills, and seek training or employment.

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W.O.R.C., offers free assistance to anyone who has recently lost his or her primary source of income due to job lay-offs, divorce, death, or disability. Through the Displaced Homemaker Program, W.O.R.C. assists both men and women to evaluate their current employment needs, then offers a week-long workshop to sharpen job seeking skills as well as helping with job referrals and placement. Free workshops are offered twice a month. In addition, through the Workforce Investment Act-Youth Program, W.O.R.C provides low income, at-risk youth (homeless or near homeless youth), ages 16-21 with long term outcomes such as: basic educational and employment skills; completion of academic certificates (including high school diplomas & equivalents) and; placement in employment, post-secondary education and/or training.

Click here for an electronic application for the Workforce Investment Act-Youth Program. Please email the completed application to, or print out the completed application and bring it with you when you apply in person. NOTE: Some sections require the assistance of a HELP staff member and will be completed in person during the application process.

How do you apply or get more information:

To see if you qualify or if you would like to become a supporting agency, please call W.O.R.C. at HELP of Southern Nevada, (702) 369-4357 Ext 1850, Fax Number 702-836-2157.

The WIA/DH Program is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are provided upon request to people with disabilities.

The Displaced Homemaker Program is funded by the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

The WIA program is funded by

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