HELP of Southern Nevada assists over 100,000 clients in one fiscal year. It is through our clients we get the inspiration to strive for a greater community and a collaborative attitude. There are thousands of success stories over the 46 years HELP of Southern Nevada has been serving our community. We hope you are inspired by the stories we share. Join us in the conversation.

Mary W. applied for weatherization services. She recently called to share how pleased she was and her extreme satisfaction with the work that was done. She went on and on how much energy she was saving. We patched many holes in her duct system and installed solar screens along with other money saving measures.

Last year in May she used 839 Kwh. This year 393 Kwh. She thought it might be a fluke. Imagine her elation when in June, one of the hottest in many years, her usage went from 1196 Kwh down to 771 this year. That is a 35% savings.

This story is even more compelling when you know Mary's income is $697 a month. Her estimated energy bill reduction will equal almost one month of free power.

Thanks for calling Mary. It made our day, too.

Hello my name is Nelson Bonnell. Prior to the group home I was an all out I.V. drug user, also a pill popper. Due to the help of these GREAT programs and my strong support system, I have been clean for seventeen months now. I am now in management through McDonald’s and have full ride scholarships to the University of Illinois and am making money that I thought I would never see in my lifetime. Since I have been here at the center I have reunited with my family in which prior to this program I haven’t seen them in a little over a year. This program has a lot to offer to me, and I have taken a lot of things from this program that will help me throughout life and in any situations that I might run into in life. I have had a tough life from family abuse to using drugs to ripping people off. This is how I used to be and now I am making my own money and trying my best to become a productive member of society, it is hard and not an easy task but with the help of these two great programs and my willingness to change I am a whole different person today and I have to say I like myself better this way and plan to stay this way for the rest of my life. I know now how much of my life I missed out on and don’t want to miss any more. I love what life has to offer me.

Nelson Bonnell - Youth Center

My name is Nancy Amaya. I was a senior at Desert Pines High School. I was on the varsity swim team, voted class clown, in the yearbook, and nominated for prom royalty. I won first runner up as prom queen and soon after graduated and walked with my class. In August the center paid for me to start taking a college course to help me with achieving my Criminal Justice Degree. For the spring session the program WIA paid for 2 more of my classes. I now have the support of Mr. Sartini the owner of Golden Gaming who volunteered to pay for the rest of my college education. Thanks to the center I now have 12 college credits and have money saved up from the jobs I’ve had.

Nancy Amaya - Youth Center

HELP of Southern Nevada has supported me in so many ways in my almost 10 years with the organization. To began with just hiring me knowing I was still grieving very hard from the loss of my dear husband was a risk that HELP did not need to take. Giving me an opportunity use some skills I had forgotten I had and to learn skills that I thought were beyond my abilities at the time. Administration and staff worked as a team to build HELP into an even better place to assist people in need and my self confidence escalated each time we were applauded by the Exec. Director for doing a good job. People say, “HELP does such a lot of hard work for needy people, you must have a very stressful job”, I always explain how we work as a team and I sleep very well each night knowing we did our best to assist someone.

HELP assisted me in upgrading my computer skills and provided training so my coping skills were solid. Training provided free of cost so we will always be top grade employees makes me want to work even harder for the organization. Administration always shows their appreciation by including staff in asking for input or just sharing what is happening in the organization that we may not be aware of. The luncheons and social events provide reminders of what wonderful people are employed at HELP. As we become a bigger and better I can still feel the camaraderie and familiar ties that bonded employees when we were a small organization. I am proud to be a part of all of this.

HELP staff supported me through times when each of my adult children at one time or another were so ill I did not think they would survive. Administration made available counseling when or if I needed it. I have so much to thank HELP for, so as far as making a difference in my life, I cannot find the right words that would express my life without HELP being an important part of it. Maybe those are the words that express it best.

Germaine Kinunwa - W.O.R.C./DH Coordinator

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